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Photo: Lily Stansbury 


About The Festival

The piano festival brings great joy and delight to the community, the aim is to raise money to help with the ongoing maintenance of the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Milton Combe Village Hall.

We are most indebted to the wonderful artists who perform; without them this festival would not be possible.

In the opening year, 2015, committee members Elaine Stansbury, Michael and Pamela Powers, Sally MacPherson, Terry Lewis and Tomasz Ziemski funded the expenses of running the festival including the transportation of artists and piano. Thereafter the costs involved have been met through ticket sales and benefactors.

Ideally we would like to reach the point in which all of the costs are covered by benefactors so that all of the revenue will go directly to the church and .


Should you be interested in being a benefactor we would

be delighted to accept any amount you are able to commit.


Please contact Victoria Washington, QPM on to discuss. Thank you. 


About Milton Combe​

Milton Combe is a village in Devon approximately 2 miles from Yelverton and 8 miles from the city of Plymouth. The name Milton Combe is derived from the village's historic name, first mentioned in 1249, of 'Mile Cumbe' literally meaning 'Middle Valley'. The Post Office gave the village its current name in 1890, to distinguish it from the many other 'Miltons' in the nearby area.


During the Second World War, the village used by inhabitants of the Royal Navy Hospital at Maristow, the American Army Camp at Bickham and RAF Harrowbeer. The village has its own small War Memorial dedicated to the men of Milton Combe who fell in the Second World War.


Milton Combe is known locally for its annual duck race along the Milton Brook
starting from the Who'd Have Thought It public house through the village.


Photo: Lily Stansbury 

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